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Cooling Tower Service

WSC’s Best Practice for Cooling Tower Maintenance Nozzles and manifolds Plugged nozzles are a major problem to tower performance. Regardless of the strainers or other measures taken to remove or reduce scale, nozzles become the most efficient filter in the [...]

Fume Scrubber Service

WSC is serious about servicing your fume scrubber. WSC technicians can deliver scrubber maintenance services. We can design a fume scrubber maintenance program to service your particular requirements. Generally, it will include some or all of the following services: clean [...]


WSC Tower Fill System The WSC Tower Fill System includes built-inair intake louvers, surface fill and drift eliminators. Our packing bundles will increase heat transfer efficiency of cooling tower, and extend the tower’s economic life. The PVC compounds used in [...]

Packing Media

Tri-Packs® Hollow, spherical packings made of injection molded plastic, available in four diameters: 1”, 11/4 ”, 2” and 31/2 ”.   Symmetrical geometry made from a unique network of ribs, struts, and drip rods. • High active surface areas. Extremely [...]
Epoxy Coating, Cooling Tower Cleaning

Epoxy Coating

WSC Marine Grade Epoxy The marine grade epoxy material used is a very high-grade epoxy, giving excellent adhesion, high film coverage, and quick dry time. This material is rustproof and waterproof. It was designed specifically for use on properly prepared [...]