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Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating, Cooling Tower Cleaning


WSC Marine Grade Epoxy

The marine grade epoxy material used is a very high-grade epoxy, giving excellent adhesion, high film coverage, and quick dry time. This material is rustproof and waterproof. It was designed specifically for use on properly prepared steel or masonry surfaces, including immersion (non-potable water) service. The epoxy is ideal for cooling towers, structural steel, piping, storage tanks, machinery, and equipment in petroleum refineries, pulp and paper mills, chemical and fertilizer plants, and sewage treatment plants. The epoxy’s exceptionally fast drying time (5 to 7 hrs.) allows equipment to be returned to service quickly. Our customers have found that this epoxy offers exceptional corrosion protection suitable for salt and fresh water immersion, low temperature cure to 0ºF (-18ºC), surface tolerant — abrasive blasting not required, excellent adhesion to tight rust, good adhesion to damp surfaces, self-priming for steel and masonry substrates, abrasion and chemical resistance is excellent, high solids — high film build with low VOC. The epoxy coating will add several years to the life of the towers.

Before Wet Deck


After Wet Deck