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Testimonial 3


From our first set of communications on this project I gained a strong level of confidence that I was engaging the right company to tackle what I considered a major task. Bringing you in from the west coast versus working with local contractors certainly was, at first, a stretch of the imagination. But your overwhelming confidence and thorough knowledge of these systems were exactly what convinced me it was well worth the rather unique arrangement, and to move forward in accomplishing a much needed corrective and restorative action. It became even more clear I had a superior set of individuals up on that scaffolding when we were presented with the shear impossibility of extracting the M.E. material, given its condition and design. I will always use the words “It just slides out” with sarcasm in the future. Your ingenuity and just plain tenacity in tackling the job was the key to successfully completing the job well within the required time frame, and I am absolutely positive others would have failed. On behalf of the Austin, Texas facility, and myself personally, we thank you for a job well done. Best regards, and I look forward to doing business again.